The Tulip Fairies

Written by: Laurie Ginn

Deep in the land of the Cumberland
Where the moonbow blushes the sky
The tulip fairies were dancing
As the tune of the loon filled the sky

Dearest Nell Louise looked especially gay
In her skirt of dogwood blossom
So light on her feet and quite admired
By a wide eyed baby opossum 

She danced through the night with her sisters
Her favorite was sweet Madeline
They swayed to the music of the night
While their suitors waited in line

Friend toad he did sing his heart out
He lent his bass to the loon
He wasn’t much for dancing
But oh how that froggy could croon

Before the dawn could creep
Back to their tulips they’d fly
They’d snuggle in tight in their cup homes
As the breeze rocked a sweet lullaby 

Dedicated to Nell Louise Wise
In memory of Madeline Ainsworth