Written by: Bridget Aubrey


" A weed!  Stomp it, spray it, eradicate it!"
That is what I hear about Dandelions.
No one wants to see their loveliness,
Think about all the good they can do.

Early in spring they brave the cold, the chilly winds,
Growing in the short new grasses, 
Their glowing golden heads held close to the 
Protective earth, yet reaching for the sun.

They dot the green meadows with the first color of spring,
My son, as a toddler, brought me a handfull of heads,
To which I replied with a proud smile:
"Oh, thank you, I love them."

Groundhogs, deer and bunnies search them out for the taste,
In a salad they perk us up with their vitamins and give strength,
We make " Honey" with the blossoms and brown sugar.

Soon the bright yellow head turns white,
Seeds grow on a fluffy umbrella.
We pick them, hold them high and blow gently,
Watching each amazing seed float off into the sky, 
Like a dream.