Written by: Fernando Lachica

Fernando Lachica

My Deepest Joy

The moon matter what,
The starlight matter when,
The sun matter how,
But why my only love?

The rain drops....on our love,
The wind blows....on our life,
Melting our hearts together in unison,
Into the whisper of the night.

Your kiss sipped the wine of my soul,
Your embrace moved the strand of my flesh,
Your breath surrounds the beauty of you,
What a wonderful feeling!

The joy of wanting our love so strong,
Beneath the deepest sea
Beneath the gigantic waves
Beneath the bottom of my heart
Forever, my love.

Warmth of my soul united yours,
Rushing blood of happiness to its peak,
Feeling content our feelings shared,
United as the zenith of infinity.

Oh, my happy I am...what happiness brings!