Happy Birthday

Written by: Nadia Shahwan

Saying Happy Birthday to you
Really flatters you and me too

Wishing you a joyous day
Memorable… Never to fray

Do enjoy every bit of it
Until you fall in love with it
One hundred years run it
Lug your pail and go for it

Walk straight with firm faith in heart
Jesus knows who does serve by heart

Happy Birthday to you my dear
Is my dear wish to you from here
Though my poem is simple to read
Hoping you grab it soon to read
With sensible spirit and with speed

Take a toast and remember those
Who still care for you the most

Never wish you ever go astray
But steadily accept warm allay

Pretty Texas has a home for you
Surely it does really fit you
You know now I still love you
See your path describes you

My house detests a busy mouse
See only angels enter my house
Pleasing Jesus who welcomes us
And all who comprehend not lust

Reach up for a blessed morning
Restoring moments with finest stories
Pleasant life indeed it is; not boring
Warm sensations do have true beauty

Have your champagne and toast
With friends who only know good
God is watching your path though
Your roots are drawn by one foot

Your stepmother wishes good for you
And finest hopes to hear from you
As a beautiful girl I remember you
So, study well and succeed for you
Stampede those who snagged you
A bright future is leading you

None will look backward and point
At a feather falling in a pink pond
But at every good deed you were fond of
Though snow can polish your smile more

Urges Jesus to cheer up with luck
And always shows you the pretty sun
Hoping to reply a thank you knot
At any time you read it with fun

Light up your candle with utmost kindness
Please dare to make a wish for goodness
See God can read only best candid wishes
That foil your pretty heart with happiness.
By: Nadia F. Shahwan –Note: Logging into Lulupoetry.com to edit few stanzas was