My Testament

Written by: osayande osaghae

Just want to make a committment;
it ain't an argument
but it is to augment
my most valuable agreement
with my Father, Creator of the whole firmament.

It is not a compliment;
but I want to use it to complement
my most intimate sentiment
which I always break, at my own detriment
but now, I seek an eternal settlement.

In any event, Lord, I repent
of any involvement in violating the sacrament;
involving a present status of undefilement
that my unseen foes want to dement.

Lord, this day I write this testament
from the bottom of my heartm I relent;
never will I fall back into the dregs of bewitchment
but will press on; with this, I seek Your Consent
which is all I need that will my eternity with You cement.