Written by: Melody Coster

I woke as usual this morning
The first thought of my day being
What words am I going to use today?
Will they be words of hate?
Will they be words of love?
Will they be unkind words,laced with cruelty?
Alternatively,words conveyed with laughter and joy.
My next thought,as always,is
With whom will I share these words?
Friends and family,
Strangers I pass on the street
Throughout my days journey
Perhaps even those I work with.
Or how about the person on the phone
Yes!even that annoying telemarketer
Who always seems to call at the worst of times?
No matter what time of day that is.
Even words I put down in print can affect
How my day goes.
One just never knows the impact
Words play in our daily lives
Until perhaps it is too late
To take them back.