Our Darling Baby Child

Written by: Jo Hayton

Some people may say
You barely existed
But I know that's not true

For you were meant to be
As sure as the day
Your daddy said he loved mummy too

You see right from the start
We were planning you
Taking our time

So that all the love
Daddy and Mummy felt for each other
Would go straight to your heart from mine

When they told me
It is impossible to explain
How Mummy felt and what she wanted to say

They told me you were in danger
But Mummy wanted to protect you
And make those feelings go away

I could somehow feel your battle
As it took place 
Somewhere inside

I felt Daddy and Me breathing for you
Beckoning you to stay and live
But barely on your journey

You died...

Mummy knew the instant
That you were leaving us
The pain in my tummy told me you were gone

I was alone 
Losing you
I didn't know what to do, how to hold on

My darling I am sorry
I am sorry
You could not stay

But there is not a moment
A second that goes by
Mummy and Daddy don't think of you each day

But know that you would have been loved
So much and so strong
With all our hearts could provide

I am so sorry
Something didn't work inside Mummy's tummy
I am so sorry our darling, baby child...

Love Mummy and Daddy - May 2006