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Written by: Nadia Shahwan

Mona Lisa is
Looking directly with fizz
Loving life more than slaying 

Her bent left arm looks
Curving as rushed water goes
Few miles into Sinai cove

Her left side’s dark cheek
A map of bliss’ Middle East
Tsunami comes to seek rear

Big N is a road
Jordan River lifts thug load
The Dead Sea drinks a cup cold

Two lines cross center
Divide the picture’s structure
A pyramid’s top pixel

The world’s lavenders
Must have read the deep scriptures
Since it’s top invisible!

Tilt Mona at six
Dark clouds fill up soft basins
A new chapter, written with

Lean to quarter till
See nature’s wonders begin?
Two mountains are blending in

Prop her upward so
Seems relaxing on her board
Her nose bled for tomorrow

Her pale hair behind
Natural curls, severe freight
Compressing exotic loaf tight

Who’s praying behind?
For flowery peace’s kind?
Guess the Saint’s name without fright?

If slimming picture	
Lengthwise… a blood line outlines
Looks alike to Mayan calc

Meditative smile!
Burga challenged Mona’s height
Alignment’s center’s bright

The sun greets meadows!
Sifting darkest clouds by force
Pretty brooks feed our Lord

With fraternal love!
Quilt lands wrap up joyful doves
A new world with profound buds.
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By: Nadia F. Shahwan – April 2009 -This poem reflects my innocent observation to analyze
the Mona Lisa's beauty.