My Asliea

Written by: Tamra Craft

My Asliea

Though I did not carry you in my womb
Our heart beats are entwined together.
I may never be able to show you how much
Loving you has made my life so much better.

But know that when I look into your big brown eyes
I see myself there, our bond is closer than blood.
We will never need more than that to prove
The strength of the love between us.

You’re my daughter because I feel you inside my heart
You take up such a big and beautiful part of my soul.
And if my life missed your face, the lovely spirit you have
I would not and could never be truly be whole.

You and your Brother taught me how to be a mother.
I have an unconditional love for you I never could have imagined.
Nothing in this world or any other could break us apart.
I would die before leaving you un-consoled or abandoned.

I hope you can take some of my wisdom and lessons with you
And when you’re old I hope you cherish both our shared tears and laughter
Because some of my most treasured memories will always be of you Asliea.
My peaceful, loving, and beautiful first born daughter.