Written by: Alison Sade Peñaranda

I hate every inch of these scribbled words
Stinging pungently inside my mind for quite a time
Even the taste of disgust is in my lips
In letting you know what I keep in this heart of mine

Language has composure when it comes to you
There’s always a reason to hold my tongue
My mind is much stronger than my heart
Yet the thought of you haunts in the silence of the dark

It’s even deadly disturbing how I want you
For reasons vaguely kept in my world
Your personality is hard to paint
This atmosphere does not work even if I’m blunt

Nature will not and cannot lie
The outside bubble may even say I’m crazy
Yet they do not see what I see
Every time my eyes set glance at your way

Your choice of words and the little things you do
And even if you stay frozen in a split second
I like just the way you carry yourself
Yet you are not sensitive enough.