Written by: Brian Faulkner

Do it yourself, depend on no other;
No one's your slave, not brother nor mother.
Work out a plan, stand up a man;
Earn what you get and never forget
Depend is a vice,
Depend is not nice,
Depend is the source of downward course
To dark and empty night.
Independence is the only way of light.
Independence will flick your switch to bright.

If you'd be wholly free
Then self-sufficient be;
If you'd live unafraid
Then work and earn and trade;
If you'd not waste your time,
Then thinking is no crime;
If you'd not fall to fate,
Then make your reason great.

If you would top a hill,
If you would cross a stream,
Then climb with your own will
And build on your own scheme.

If you would lag at ease
Till all comes "somehow" true,
You're lying with the fleas
Till some cross dog bites you.

So, depend on no other, do it yourself;
Stand up a man and work out a plan;
Earn what you get---don't ever forget!
Then sing free, "Independence!"