No Ones Power Is Greater Than God's

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

God doesn't want this,
To happen to anyone again,
He's going to hit you,
For all of your sin,
You won't have what,
You have abused,
It's a matter of time,
And God's going to make,
You loose,
Believing you are right,
For what you are doing,
Is not going to change,
Your life out of ruin,
You can't ruin lives,
And take away freedom,
And make someone sick,
From all you are doing,
For those of you,
Who believe it's o.k.,
You've even heard God,
And what he did say,
Give Debbie her life back,
Or God will destroy you,
Believing that you are more powerful than God,
It's what's undermining your power to begin with,
It's God who gives power,
And he who takes it away,
Even Julius Ceasar,
Found out the hard way.