My Pledge Of Allegiance

Written by: Brian Faulkner

I pledge allegiance to each self-loving, self-made individual
Whose sole need of men is force-free profitable trade,
Who judges aims and acts with his own thinking mind
And stands proud to receive judgment, sure and unafraid.

I pledge allegiance to the state of individual rights,
The law-bound republic of only private property---
Private flesh and thoughts and lands and tools and lives,
Where each man holds the wheel of self-responsibility.

I pledge allegiance to the rationally selfish self,
And to the happiness on earth that each may find;
And I pledge totally against the death-blow evils of altruism---
Communism, socialism, fascism, religion and environmentalism.

I pledge allegiance to life---human life above all other--
Actual life above potential---fact above wishing.
I pledge allegiance to me; yes, to me I pledge allegiance;
With myself and by myself and to myself, I pledge allegiance.