There It Is

Written by: Brian Faulkner

"There is the forest", he said,
"Waiting for all of my saws.
Beautiful houses wait, too,
For lumber-full trains to come through."

"There are the mountains," he said,
"Expectant, ready for birth.
I will deliver them forth
To rise up as bridges instead."

"There is the Wild, untamed,
Challenging all that I've got.
Logical mastery will reign;
Perseverance lash it on hot."

"There is the ocean, in motion,
Hovering o'er tombs of oil.
I'll sink in my drills of devotion
And shoot it to useful toil."

"There are the far stars," he said,
"Waiting for uses unknown.
Planets and moons await, too,
For rocket-ship trains to come through."