Written by: esther robinson

‘Cuckoo cuckoo’ she sings As her youth grew wings “Let me see what life brings” When thoughts such as this rings Mother’s advice were bee stings When irritation flared, she flings Whatever appears on her way as things Doubtless, bird knows their fledglings Does a mother her daughter’s feelings She dived into the world with dealings Caring not for her mother’s yearnings Promising to fetch good tidings She fled bothered about earnings With boyfriends engaged in dating She forgot her mother’s pleadings In swim suit began swimming Drinking pleasures the world was offering As years in numbers kept increasing Money in purse started depleting Crafty boyfriends began drifting When her flesh started stinking Intimate friends were also distancing Loneliness her soul started killing She decided, “I’ll go back journeying To feel my mother’s embracing. Advice by no means was enchanting Yet experience felt is electrifying.” She entered the garden gate opening Peeping inside while tip-toeing A feeble voice was heard calling “Come in! Jane my darling” This widow eagerly kept anticipating Through a window her daughter’s returning Re-union was emotion packed with rejoicing Marking an end to a mother’s waiting Mother’s love a balm so soothing Miracle! Gradually her skin became shining Cuckoo cuckoo now she sings Carries moral lessons her guitar strings Broken then, has grown beautiful wings Life has dawned promising good things.