Jealous Women

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

I don't R_E_S_P_E_C_T_,
The Italian Mafia Women at all,
And the men suck too,
A bunch of two year olds,
With nothing better to do,
Than start a war,
Between you, me, and God,
Was the stupidest thing,
You've ever done,
This town goes down,
This hurricane season,
Because of all the mean things,
Italian Jealous Mafia women,
Have done to my life,
They don't have a brain in their heads,
They jump in bed just as fast as they can,
With any man especially my soul mate,
Trying to destroy my fate,
You can have him,
Cause of what I know,
He can't be happy with any one of you,
He'll tell ya' to go,
God's fixing to sit on your jealous head,
And plunge you into his death bed.