The Sheep Stood on the Burning Deck

Written by: Lee Leon

The sheep stood on the burning deck, when all but he had fled 
Someone had placed the captain's hat upon his woolly head 
So bravely stood the sheep upon his first and last command 
Promoted to high station and to duty's dire demand. 

Beyond the ship to starboard, he surveyed the churning sea 
And the crew, all in their lifeboats, working furiously, 
To gain a good safe distance, they rowed both fast and well 
So they would not go down with the ship beneath the final swell. 

Comes the moment, comes the sheep and, as the captain on the deck, 
The sheep stood in command, but with a rope tied round his neck 
As the waves came lapping up and all the flames went dying down 
It sank beneath the waves with the sheep and his proud crown.