Eternal Life

Written by: Jodie Steward

My life feels so empty
Can't beleive you are gone,
I asked God his reason why
What have I done so wrong.

There were other people
To take to Heaven above,
It didn't have to be you
Your were still full of love.

I know your not in pain
You've gone to a better place,
But you were only forty years old
I want to see your smileing face.

Just one mor chance
To hold you near so tight,
See you laugh and joking
Assuring us your doing alright.

We have shared good times
Even had some rough ones to,
But, we learned to compromise
Seen our problem's through.

Why did you give up
Together we could have fought,
With a possitive outlook
A cure they might have sought.

Now, I'm left with memories
In my heart they will remain,
I know time will ease my mind
Heal the pain just the same.

Although I'm deeply saddened
My life nothing without you,
I know your looking down on us
Oh, my brother, goodbye I Love You.

R.I.P feb. 1969-mar. 2009