An Angel of Truth

Written by: Yara Rouhana

Haunting, they came to me
Eating away all the joy I see
Amid laughter so free
Lingering, I thought it’ll be 
Inside a soul of bliss and glee…
Nabbing away the rest of me
Gladly smiling, they invaded me 

Many hours I cried for thee 
Each day I hoped you’d rescue me

Why and how I did not know 
In such a huge world you’ll find me 
Try did I to let hope flow 
Here, inside this thirsty sea

Kneel did I but didn’t know why
Is it that you’re an angel from up high
Never seeing such beauty such grace
Depart not said I with a mournful cry 
Never please I need u so much  
Endless let your love to me
Stay with me oh I need you 
Smile for me my angel of truth