Taking A Test

Written by: Faire Lucas

nails being chewed, answers being scribbled,
nothing is new, but this question on the table,
it isn't math, or language perhaps,
but what is it then?

i keep repeating the question, in my mind,
its funny how it feels like, i left something behind,
is it my knowledge or breakfast, a good and ready start,
is it my keys to the house, keys to the car?

what is it i'm missing, that i need for today or this test,
maybe i didn't sleep too well, i need some rest?

or maybe just maybe, i need to be encouraged,
to have my parents tell me you'll be the best,
no that couldn't be it, its another quest.

then why am i staring, at this question below,
feeling like i'm missing something, something's troubled, 
and then it hit me, like batter hits the ball,
i didn't chain up my dog at all.

and this question it says, the dog ran down the street,
and where do they go, where do they meet,
oh no, i thought, as i got to my feet,
thinking about testing week...

oh well, i said, 
as i went through the door,
my dogs and my family,
matter more....