Abbusive Father (i dont have one luckily)

Written by: Faire Lucas

velvet lifted off my mother's bed,
the sheets all stained blood red,
my mothers face is pale with no color,
father says no other....

the police are swept away, my father watching me sideways,
then when everyone is gone he shuts the door,
waiting is no more....

he yells and shakes me, with furious might,
tells me to say not a word, or i'll die,
then drops me to the ground, and pulls out a gun...

he holds to my head with it, pressing hard against my face,
he shows me no mercy, even though he says i'm his grace,
how did this happen to me, but a girl aged six,
my mother was too weak, i couldn't beat him....

now i'm thirteen, and i know what to do,
i went to the police station, on Cantern avenue,
then once inside i told my story, while i gave no glory,
soon after i was done, they took my father to prison.....

so now i'm here telling my thoughts, for people are to blame for whatnot...