My Dream of Him

Written by: Faire Lucas

i ran to him, but who was this man, his caring and loving, i so very much needed, in all
my dreams, i've never felt so alone, in all my life i've never known, this passion and
love radiating off me, for him to return in a sudden blow, but where was he, and why was i
so scared, why was i feeling like this, like i was running for my life, why did i need to
be nurtured from him, to hold him, and feel him, with no space left between, to kiss him
him gently, but urgently, as if to tell him whats happened, to confront to everyone this
unnatural secret, that was deep inside, as if my mind was burying it for my own good, but
why, oh why, did i need him, why did i feel this way for him, like he was my own angel, to
watch over ME, or my own blood, that belonged to ME, when i reached the corner of the
building, and turned, i came to a stop, for there he was, just as gorgeous as the sunset,
as bright as the sun, as mystical as a full moon, as we became one, arms wrapped around,
no space in between, my fingers clenching, while holding him, he caressed me, and smoothed
my hair, he let go of me and i looked up, he held my gaze for a few seconds then, all of a
sudden, we're kissing and moving, our bodies entwined, we're pushing and shoving and yet
we're not moving at all, and in those quick seconds, we held that kiss, i felt safe, i
felt loved, i felt him....