Are We in the Last Days?

Written by: Robert Davidson

Are we in the 'last days' 
where tribulations fall? 
Where the horsemen of The Apocalypse 
trample over all? 
Where talks of peace will falter; 
Nay, they will all break down! 
A rider on a white horse 
will appear with a bow and crown. 

The second seal was opened 
and this horse was red; 
The rider was given a massive sword, 
many were rendered dead. 
The third seal was opened 
a black horse appeared; 
He held the scales of justice, 
now that was pretty weird! 

The fourth seal was opened 
a pale horse came into view. 
The riders name was Death and Hell; 
More killing, nothing new. 
The fifth seal was opened 
the souls of the saints were there! 
White robes were given to them 
on the golden stairs. 

The sixth seal was opened 
a great earthquake did erupt; 
The sun became quite black 
and the moon it turned to blood. 
The great men and the rich men 
the mighty and the free; 
Hid themselves from the face of God 
and His wrath which had to be!!! 

This poem is a warning 
that God will not be mocked. 
Make sure the gates of heaven 
are not eternally locked. 
Now is the appointed time 
to call upon His name. 
Don't miss the boat to Heaven, 
As Hell is far from tame! 

Robert Cartwright-Davidson March 2009