Written by: myishia williams

I have yet to be called a teacher
I’m merely a participating student
Eighteen makes you grown
But it doesn’t mean you stop learning
Everyday is a battle to stay focus
Every second is a struggle
To stay on the right path
Every night you go to sleep
You pray for a different tomorrow
And that you find yourself closer
To all of your hopes and goals

I have yet to be called greatness
I’m just a good woman
With a good heart
Being a human doesn’t mean
You’re a good person
With all the evil in the world
Humility is still being searched for 
To treat someone…..
How you want them to treat you
Seems to be just a quote
And to love all of Gods children
Never minding the differences
Must just be a false phrase
Its about the teachers and students
Leaders who don’t just want you to follow
But rather you become…..
Better then them…. A better person

 Copyright ©2009 Myishia Sacoya Williams