Written by: Johnathon Souders

Insufficient, I was.
Her eye's lament.

Avoided as if struck,
Match on last draft,
Liquid flare,
Dripping color,

I Aphrodite friend,
Gave standard statements,
To mortal tears,
Pebbled by stoic quite.

Unfit, this Frankeinstine,
On Iceberg adrift,
black water in motion,
A commute sail,
Cornrow sea,
peppered sweet,
with sunshine daughters.

Then comes Achillies,
(I rumbled low next),
Wanting to force,
His eyes to her  face,
"This is wander because"
Then to all brothers.

Quite protective, for 
MY "shelly" sisters,
Granted taken,
Poetry there wake,
My always companions.