What Are You Saying Inside?HMMMM!!

Written by: Tyesha Ehigiator

I started thinking about, what my mouth says out loud but what my mind is screaming
inside...I am sure somebody knows what I'm talking about....Bare with me here.LOL

So I'm in the grocery store, and I see this girl I used to know-she always thought she was
better than me..."Oh no, here she comes-"She says "Hey girl, Oh it's so good to see you!!
My mouth says" Wow, what a wonderful surprise!!..But inside my mind was screaming, "If you
don't get away from me right now. "I swear I
will beat you down..

So my ex husband, asks me "Is it okay if I bring my girlfriend with me to pick up our
daughter..My mouth says "oh sure- no problem".....But inside my mind is screaming."what??
"Hell no"-"You gonna bring her -here-"To my house- Aw Y'all both in for a treat".

So I'm at Coco's..The waiter comes over and says,"Are you ready to order? I say sure,
"I'll have the Big bite.."She says okay-your order will be right up..Later she comes
bringing me a plate with hardly nothing on it...She asked" Is everything okay..My mouth
says, "Uh huh...Thank you. But inside my mind was screaming, "CHEAT- TED" "I've been
CHEATED..Big Plate,Little bite!!

So this guy I met a few months back...gave him my number and he just barely called me.."Is
this Tyesha, he asked"..I said "Yes, who is this..Gregg remember me from the store..I'm
like oh yeah, its been awhile..So then he starts to say, "Girl I been thinking bout
you.."You been on my mind along time..Now both my mouth and my mind, started
screaming.."Oh really?" Is that right? "About 3 months now you been thinking bout me and
you never called until now?? "He keeps rambling on and I just say "Look I don't know
what kind of game you trying to play but I'm not interested..."If you really wanted to get
to know me , You would have called the same day I gave you my number.."Okay... so see
ya,"wouldn't want to be ya...and uh Lose my NUMBER!!!Jerk..