Ocean Air

Written by: Frank F. Atanacio

The Ocean Air filled the ship,

a gray cloud swam before her eyes,

feelings dipped, emotions flipped,

and her mind filled with cries,

then ghosts sprawled into the shadows,

she didn’t understand what was going on here,

first the ocean air, then fear,

but she wanted to go to America to end a relationship

with her boy-friend,

it had to be done in person,

and that’s the only way their relationship would end,

should end,

so crossing the ocean air,

was the only way she’ll get there,

but something terrible was happening,

haunting, chilling,

thrilling, not fulfilling.

She thought she was dreaming,

the ship streaming

on top of the ocean waves,

she coiled arms around his picture in a frame,

closed her eyes just the same,

cracked a misleading photogenic smile,

held it awhile,

then the ship started shuddering, fluttering,

heading into the dimness,

propelled a few more feet,

smoke came, then heat,

screams that tortured her eardrums were heard,

God even heard the Atheist’s word,

their plea for help came in loud and clear,

when death comes, they too fear,

the impact blew down her door,

bodies on the floor,

ceilings and panels cracked then let go,

furniture on the flow,

being carried away by the rushing stream,

a cloud of dust filled the ocean air,

and the end felt near.

No mockery when grown men cry,

no mercy when they would die,

Angels flying,

children crying,

God trying,

as the water was pulling them into a crush embrace,

and all she wanted was to see his face,

the break-up had to be a face to face,

the ocean’s embrace almost made her pass out from pain,

everything was crazy,

everything was insane,

history was made that day,

and it was certainly no prank,

he wouldn’t hear what she had to say,

because it was the day the Titanic sank