Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

The marriage proposal 
like a forced march
through Fort Jackson, a backpack
Full of chert beating on his spine.

He stood his ground with her.
His actions spoke volumes.
Good soldiers die with assurance.
No romance in war.

Refreshingly quiet, 
The dutiful tour.
She paced herself sleepy.
She could rest in peace.

Honor the hero.
(He'd saved her once.)
Uniform with purpose.
Fight the good fight.

The battle impressed.
Things escalated.
Orders got shouted.
Ammunition, manufactured.

Grenades for detonating.
Entire minefields laid.
(Dangerous territory:
Don't play the field.)

Tanks roll in now.
She runs for cover.
Still he stands strong.
Warriors don't yield.

Until there is torture.
Torture's illegal.
But you know what gets said
About love, and real war.

They'd die for each other
But living, so different.
They live with surrender:
Embattlement, love.