Today You Say "I DO"

Written by: Linda Etling

You're going to say "I Do" today Your Love shines all around God has given you this precious Gift Christian Love I pray abounds. Hold close to our Loving Precious Lord In every decision that you make He will guide you in the steps of life If His way, you choose to take.... God has granted you this wonderful Love Count each day a precious gift Look to each other for Love and strength Each problem God will lift..... Thank the Lord for all He gives Oh, He will give so much Call on Him in times of need Your cares He'll reach down and touch..... Lay your burdens down at his feet And walk away hand in hand For God will be with you when you call If you only believe He can! Love each other like there is no tomorrow For God holds each day we share Treasure each minute that you're together Give Him all your cares..... For Christian Love is a treasured jewel Few are blessed with love so rare Oh, few on this earth give ALL to Him And for this many despair... You both have chosen God's precious Grace You're starting life out right Let not the waves of life trouble you Follow His Guiding light! I pray for you that you will see All the wonders God will do For each day will bring many miracles In this love He's blessed for you!