Dear Friend

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

Your husband called me on the phone
his anguished voice said that you were gone.
He tried to save you but the river was strong
the current picked you up and carried you along.
Your death was instant, you felt no pain.
My life without you won't be the same.
You went over the falls, you fell 50 feet.
You didn't stand a chance after hitting concrete.
Remember our visit just three days before.
It's heartbreaking to think that there will be no more.
The pictures of us that day...being silly...having fun
we should have taken more if we knew they would be the last ones.
You know, Lisa, thirty-nine is too young to die.
I tried to be brave at your funeral, I tried my best not to cry.
It's been over two years now and I still miss you lots.
Your with me in spirit, forever in my thoughts.
After fourteen years of friendship, speaking everyday
I never got to tell you, I never got to say......
'Lisa.....I love you, you were one of a kind.
So be good where you are or I'll kick your behind.'