My truths

Written by: james faulkner

I’ve shed tears at the feet of humanity
Conjured thoughts of solution yet remained still
I’ve slit my wrist and bled liquidated ideas
Fears burden souls as I write my will

I’ve taken seconds for granted
Time gently strokes the strings of my heart
I’ve kissed the youth and held warm hands of my old
I’ve ran a thousand laps of life to find myself back at the start

I’ve knowingly dance with the devil 
Cursed at God for unanswered prayers
I’ve clipped Cupids’ wings resenting her smile
Karma’s pushed me down life’s many stairs

I’ve questioned the angels on their timing
Looking to the stars through pollution
I’ve prayed to God for understanding
I’ve received his reply yet to understand his resolution

I’ve walked a path of reality
Many night I’ve fallen to my knees
I close my eyes and believe
i just close my eyes and believe

just close em and believe so said the wiseman