God's With Us

Written by: Linda Etling

There will be many times in life Our troubles will come and go We fall down with our burdens And pain we can’t let go We struggle to just understand The reasons and ask why? For our burdens feel so very great All is left to do is cry The loss or hurt that we may feel Clouds our minds from Gods Holy word That He would never leave us And our pain we can endure For we know who is the guiding light To our way in this old life But we forget to turn to Jesus With our pain &endless strife Our vision will then be blinded Our mind is filled with why? If we would only lean on Him Our fears away would fly Don’t let the dark clouds gather Know he hears our every woe There is nothing that our God can’t do Our worries he hears and knows So turn right now to that guiding light Keep your eyes upon the Lord There is no one who cares as much Or one who loves us more!