My Dad

Written by: Linda Etling

There are no words that I could say To describe the man I call dad. Many times I’ve tried to write it down To tell of the best friend I’ve had. He’s strong in every walk of life But yet taught us kindness too His love for God runs so deep For us, he prayed would too His wisdom I always come running to In times I feel I have none… For I know his answers will direct my path And the problem will be done! No better Dad on this earth is found Than the man God gave to me For my precious Father in Heaven knew He would be just what we need…. We have seen him as stable as a rock When facing troubled times We have seen him as humble as could be When his gifts out shine He is there for all he sees in need And quick to make things right But will walk away without a word So no “Thank yous” are in sight He taught me that our Savior sees And knows our thoughts and deeds With God we’re blessed, no need for worry He’ll supply our every need. Oh Lord in Heaven touch my Life Make me be more like Dad For his life is a wonderful example of with God, what we can have Love and care for my precious dad Bless his every need Keep him close, always by my side For his precious love I plead! His Life’s the picture of Your love, Lord He has given all to You How blessed I’ve been to call him dad For men like him are few!