Jealous Winter

Written by: Amy Swanson

~ can you tell I'm ready for SPRING???! hehe ~

Jealous Winter
     by Amy Swanson

       you come and go

                like a child playing peek-a-boo

from behind Spring's shy curtain


         you are such a jealous child!

                   So grudging of the warmth and life of

your Spring sibling

you race to steal the show
      each time your sister dares
             to show her pretty face
                  and share her smiling warmth 
                       gracing us with her gentle presence -- 

your ego too large

to take a back seat.

Enough, Winter!

         You have had your day
                   Your turn is no more...

                             The curtain has closed on you


you insist on coming back

for unwanted encores.

Oh Spring...

         please come to shower us

                  with warmth and life and love...

and send your jealous sister

                                             back to Mother!