I Missed You

Written by: Eric Morthan

my saturday is gone
my saturday was a bore
it feels like i am hanging
on something that i tore

maybe it was my heart
maybe it was someone
my mind is failing me
it feels like i am done

i sit on the couch
i changed every television channels
and i am wondering alone
my mind is freezing on a wondering panel

like a cage or a prison
being held for what it is done
what was done was that i lost you
and this is what i had become

it is not sorrow
it is neither my emptiness
for it was not empty
it was filled and always be.

but why do i feel this way?
why do i feel a sense of astray? 
why do i feel lost and disarray?
i am sitting on a couch
but also passing my day

so the song sings in my head
and i cannot leave without a doubt
that i missed you within me
and i missed you
with all my remaining pieces 
of my heart.