All I've Ever Wanted

Written by: Tyesha Ehigiator

I wanna cry out loud, I wanna shed my tears
I wanna run away, run away from here
I wanna close my eyes and feel no hurt or pain
I wanna take a different path, my heart will not explain
I wanna feel the cold, dead cold I mean inside
I wanna see eternal fire before it passes by
I wanna leave my body and take only my soul
I wanna tell you how I feel but constantly I fold
I wanna feel desired without the act of lust
I wanna have relationships that's built only on trust
I wanna feel the love, the love that never dies
I wanna hear the truth for once and not a pack of lies
I wanna feel alive, alive and not alone
I wanna tell the world my existence will be known
I wanna walk around and never have to hide
The truth around myself is all I want is to survive

Written at what should have been one of the best
times in my life(marriage) but instead it turned out
to be a nightmare. I wrote this because I was feeling 
insecure and alone,confused and hurt, weary and afraid. 
I just kept asking myself and wondering, Could anyone 
relate to me??