Immortal Siren

Written by: Hana Ryusaka

I wonder sometimes

What she saw, in exhilarating day-

That time of morning

When the sky smiles in winsome blue,

Sun-kissed grass paints itself over

And over in needle-points to scar the horizon and

Crumpled-paper clouds

Frolic on invisible threads and ladders

Held up by rosy breezes-

Robust in their secret toils-

It must have been sparkling with mirth-

Shy and winking with mystery-

Scarlet and poison-bright, shod in ruby


Shrieking in cheery chimes and beckoning warmth

To be broken.

Did the red haze cover

Her unadulterated eyes?

Just then,

Raping from the inside,

Her skin become dead ivory-

She saw- no glow,

Life left like a displaced conch,

Only echoes of what was once

An ocean, rolling outward in pageants and never-ending beauty-

Now blindness and melancholy tide, coming and going

and folding in death.

Once a regal fire in hues of purple-

Now bloody embers and ashes of diamonds-

the taste of the white fruit, lingering in her bitter mouth-

Once soul-juice illuminating and lily-stained pools-

Now reflections in shards of glass.