Mama Warned Me

Written by: Robin L. Gass

Mama always told me
girl you must be wise
the Devil's out there somewhere
and he's wearing a disguise
he will try to trick you
with his evil ways
and he will make a fool of you
with the games he plays.
Listen to me baby
he could be headed your way.

I tried to heed her warning
was good as I could be
keeping all those eager men
so far away from me
then I met a stranger
who had a gentle way
and when he took me by the hand
I heard my mama say
you better watch your step now
don't let him lead you astray.

He was so very charming
and I was so unwise
he had such a handsome face
and oh such pretty eyes
his laughter was appealing
so were the words he said
and when he looked deep in my eyes
I really lost my head.
Please forgive me Mama
I should be heeding what you said.

His love was sweet and tender
it took my breath away
he held me through the cold dark nights
and loved me through the day
he told me that he needed me
so I gave him my heart
that's when he sent it straight to Hell
and tore it all apart.
I tried to listen Mama
but he had me from the start.

The Devil's out there somewhere
so girl's I must advise
beware of handsome strangers
they may have Devil eyes
he'll tempt you with his laughter
and with the things he'll say
don't look too deep into those eyes
'cause you will rue the day.
Listen to me ladies
he could be headed your way.