The Sacrifice

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

The face once glowing with happiness and gay
Is now shadowed with signs of sadness and grey
Your stare wonders to a faraway place
With lines of concern carved in your face

Is this where my dreams have taken me
Is this the place I was meant to be
As you turn and smile with forced emotion
Your silhouette is enhanced by rays of the sun

It clearly shows what you try to hide
Your longing to leave glows in your eyes
Nothing should cloud your trueness to heart
May the wind be at your back both light and dark

With precious memories of their life's adventures
He now knows it is time to leave her
She smiles and relieves his hungry lust
For she knows all things happen for a must

Fly away, fly away, fly away high
Like a bird floating off into the sky
She watches as he follows to his dream place
As he leaves her sight she gives her grace

The face once shadowed with sadness and grey
Is now glowing with signs of happiness and gay
Her stare wonders to his faraway place
With smiles of sacrifice carved in her face