Seven Stones

Written by: Krow Fischer

I am thankful for every day
Blessed be.
Sunlight filtering through rainbows of reflections
filtering all recollections
with simplicity and grace.
Witness Nikomis face
on the seven stones.
Nishomis watching from the other world
willing us onward.
Virtue unto itself. To live by this is to be alive, and we survive only because of it.
I suspect we would have no war, no hate and fate would take the world by the hand, and we
would finally understand, each other. One Mother.
Because that's what it takes to go inside and deal the demons into healing. Never stealing
a moment not won. Not one.
Use it as it is given accepting that living as part of conscious intent, no matter how
well meant, takes training. Then all that's remaining is to use it.
Means you got to be aware, and be exactly where, you are really at. No copy cat, gotta be.
Mad, sad, glad or just real bad, gotta be honest where you're at, because after that, it
changes, re-arranges, and heals.
Pursuit of a new viewing point, to self anoint a prophet. Truth is all within the eye and
where the vision is trained thats why, we seek it. And learn to speak it.
Just means you really get it, and you understand, the gravity of the demand, and that
we're connected.
All are affected
By the same cosmic forces and outer choices we make,
With the right attitude
with Gratitude.