Once upon a time. . .

Written by: Breana Wiggins

Once upon a time
Not so long ago
There was a girl
Who had it all

Had the friends
Had the family
Had a very nice life

She was a good student 
She was a great friend
She was a good daughter
She was happy

Then one day something happend
Everything started to go so wrong
She lost her parents to drugs
and from then on everything went down hill 

She stopped going to school
Stopped dreaming
She stopped talking to people
Stopped believing

She started to cry herself to sleep at night
But that didnt help the pain go away
So she picked up a blade and decided to play
A very dangerous game

One slit, two slit, three slit, four. . .
She went on and on til the pain was no more
But when she stopped it all came back
So she did it again and again
Til she was weak
Til she fell asleep

Her scares went unnotice
No one really cared 
So why should she?

But then one day mom got clean
Her dad didnt care
Told her to never dream
He said 
"Dreams are worthless, stop believing" and she listened
And stop dreaming
Stopped believing

Mom tried so hard to fix the past
Dad didnt care
His drugs was what he had
What he needed

Never stopped to see
That his daughter was 
In the cross-fire
But he desired that high
Needed it
Left her 
Never returned

And when he did
He said he changed
But he didnt 

Her life was filled with so much pain
In her mind she believed that her life was a nightmare and
She's just waiting to wake up again

This is my story
There's no happy ending
Im waiting for my nightmare to end
So my dreams can began. . .