A Want

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

This Poem is not intended for me; it is based upon feelings of greed that comes upon every 
human in this world. This is to focus on those moments on life, when one cannot resist and 
can only want.

A desire
a wish
a hope 
a dream...

call it what you want,
a want is a want....

I need it,
just selfishly want it...
It has to be mine...
Im impatient and desperate....!
It is meant
It is my destiny,
i will get get it
because I want it !!
That world has to come back
It just needs to be with me
I cannot live without that
It drives me crazy
It taunts me in my dreams
It makes me miserable
It mocks me
It haunts me
It's begging me
To be mine.
It blinds me with it's sight
It laughs at me
It tortures me
It's teasing me
and I know all it wants 
is to be mine.

I desire it
I wish for it
I hope for it
I dream of it

Call it what you want,
A want is a want
and it has to come true
Because it's MY want.