Written by: Amy Swanson

This poem is written in the same vein as "Letting Go."  ...  For my mom.

   by Amy Swanson 

Another time,
    another place
I pray that someday
   I will see your
       precious face

All that you have given me
I never could repay

I can only, 
       so woefully, inadequately,

I love you so.

My life will never be the same without you.

So many years,
you've been my dearest friend and confidant

You are irreplaceable.

I know the end is coming
I know the final page
like someone who has hesitantly peeked
at the end of life's story.

A story full
    of love
       and life
          and laughter
             and tears
                and bittersweet sorrows...
                    and death.

All woven together

Beautiful tapestry.
Beautiful legacy.
Beautiful soul...

    that will always shine within my own.

Thank you
     for being you
          is the best that I can say.

These tears will fall
in honor of you
and this chapter of the book
has sorely changed me.

I wish you peace
       and love
            May you soar upon
                 the highest skies
                        May you find
                            what you have always sought
                                  and may you know
                                       that you will never be forgotten - 

Not for one moment.

Not one smile...
Not one word of wisdom...
Not one gentle mother's kiss...

will I ever forget.

Even as I write
    I cannot stop the tears
         from falling
             onto this paper
                 trying somehow, desperately,
                      to channel all my hurt into this
                          pink page on which I write.

It feels as though they never will stop.

At such a time
    I almost curse these wretched emotions
          that at once can make us so content
               yet in an instant we are racked with grief.

But life goes on...
     at least that's what they say.

If only I could capture
     each precious moment in time
          and freeze it - hold it always - 
               all the days
                     and years...

But I cannot.

I will hold you, though...
in my heart forever
and wait impatiently for the day
that I will see you