Feelings I Can't Help

Written by: Roje Brown

As i sit here writing this poem you are the one flashing through my mind

And i have tried so hard to get you out and yet you linger

Is it because i haven't told you

But i have been down that road before and at the end i almost lost you

Its a lil bit funny i don't even know if you care that much for me

But i don't care what you think of me I'm in love with you

Its not that i want to be but the feelings are there and i can't help it 

I have tried other lovers and even sex partners

But the feeling i had when i heard those 3 lovely words you said to me

I can't seem to find that grace again

Leaving me on a endless pursuit and hoping that 1 day I'll find it again

But don't worry about me I'm alive and doing well

I am not afraid to cry and let it all out

But what hurts the most was being so close and not knowing

What could have been