The Cube Of Catastrophe

Written by: Gael Attal

What was once a pleasant plaything
Now befalls the core of madness.
Starting problems and becoming
Painful labor, causing sadness.

Weeping on accounts of losing
Hues that once were right in placement.
Mind is hurting, self-abusing,
Hours wasted. Lonely Basement.


Evil doth exist within me,
Waves ascend from thy foundation,
I resist temptation scarcely,
Due to hues of transformation.

Soon my life is rendered useless,
All that matters hides profoundly.
Logic lies and flies to transgress,
Standing still and thinking soundly.

Yield to me cubic demise for
I will live to see you solvèd.
Show me you posses demeanor
Long I've wailed to be absolvèd.