Unconsciously Crying

Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

This is where I am, while I cherish the silence
About not losing in the distant times of giving in to softness
Of hardships and pains, this is where I stopover,
Unconsciously crying from the immediate rise, thinking I'll be well after.

There are so much lies to cover one another but with hopes and intention
Of telling you the whole truth, yes, with no hesitation,
Not thinking of the difficulty of redeeming the pieces of shattered trust
Because I can still smile while I'm unconsciously crying for I must.

But don't worry, I am still me
All the same like the moon of uncertainty,
Planets and stars may give you a hint of forgiving,
Mercy me, with a sudden downpour of rain because I'm unconsciously crying.

So this is the effect, and maybe someday you'll understand,
Ask your whys and let anger flow if you can't,
It will take long so accompany me to lean me on a wall
Of strength, still unconsciously crying while I comfort my biggest downfall.