Road to the End

Written by: Ivan Pozderac

Cold wind is freezing my soul 
as I walk on the road covered by snow.
Pale moonshine lights my way 
trough the wastelands and decay.

Picturing childhood in my mind,
contentment I can not find.
As I continue my journey alone
hopes of better yesterday are gone.

Warm light breaks with new day,
high hopes are coming this way.
If this is new start, I'll make it.
New life, new road, new path, I'll face it.

Again, the road of life called my name,
and I hoped that it will not be the same.
I prepared well myself this time
for the new road trip of mine. 

As sun burns on the cloudless sky,
I feel that my throat is dry.
There's no shelter in sight,
only endless road and sleepless night.

Once again I remembered the past
in hope that this time is not the last.
Good memories? What are they?
Only bad ones are here to stay!

Wind is howling, leaves are falling,
rain starts to fall as i'm walking.
Forest welcomes me with the peacefulness of decay,
Autumn of my life reminds me that I went astray.

Cold wind froze my soul 
as I walked on the road covered by snow.
Pale moonshine lighted my way 
into the wastelands and decay.