tell our fathers

Written by: ololade omololu

They came and walked on this soil,
hands and feet shod in chains.
They marched through unending roads,
a highway of pain and sorrows.
The shackles of slavery burdened their souls.
They awoke each day,
with fears in their minds and prayers in their hearts.
They died with a song on their lips.
They passed on with a message of hope.
When you cross over the rivers,
tell our fathers that our chains are hungs as memorials.
We have stayed too long on the road,
we have finally reached our homes.
We are dinning in a large house with greatlights,
our children are walking happily on the streets,
the Nations stand in awe of us,
as they have become witnesses of what is possible.
Our gown of mourning has been torn,
we are clothed with a marriage gown.
Salvation has come with healing on its wings,
for our father's captivity is turned around.
If you hear us cry today,
if our tears fill your censers above,
think not that we are in chains.
for today our dream is born.
For we cry in our songs,
we cry in our prayers,
we cry through our smiles,
we cry because change has come.
We will teach our children this story.
The story of redemption.
Tell our fathers,
to sleep in peaceful bliss.
For though the struggle may continue,
 we know that victory is certain.