Written by: brittany martin

I was confused what love would be..
and it startled me at first;
All thoughts were first a hesitation-
then my body craved sensation-
My mind left its world in complete
and my heart would find it's realization.

I was sure of what love would be..
and it scared me at first;
All my time was spent with only-
Afraid to end and be too lonely-
Thinking each time he's the greatest
thing I can speak to so openly.

I was a fool what love would be..
and I hated it at first;
All the time I spent much thinking-
All this Time I spent much sinking-
draining out a rejection now-
uncomforting to know that love
can turn to hate so very quickly.

I was a misdirected to what love would be..
and I really didn't understand it.
And at such a time- I cussed and groaned
So did he- complained and moaned.
At first we were great- I thought we were till
it turned to a cold, icy stone.