Life Passing

Written by: valerie bellefleur

We stand on the moving staircase of life
unable to harness the aging process which
eats away the moments of our days
unable to stop the ticking timepieces
that heckle us as we go through this thing
known as existence..
unable to step back into the past
stop this time machine to our destiny
we regret, we ask why and what,
we ask if - we long for youth so
cruelly stolen, for children grown
too fast, for mistakes unforgiven, 
for roads not travelled, 
for words not spoken,
for words regretted, for saying
too much, for saying too little
for hair that goes grey, for hair
that falls out, for skin that dries
and wrinkles, for doors slammed
in our faces, for doors closed too soon,
and for paths not taken...
days race towards nights
nights become days
we hear our hearts beating
away the ticks of an aging body
we grasp at a staircase that moves
too quickly for us - as one day
we stumble and miss the stair
trying to regain our footing
we are helped up, until our final
fall where we are picked up for
the last time off
the treadmill of passing time
and into the earth of eternal rest..